History of Wedding Cake Toppings and Wedding Cake Toppers (Part II of Two)

A great idea to have an unusual cake, while saving some money, is to opt for several small cakes. You can choose small cakes in many colors or flavors, arranging them in the form of a tower. Thus, each guest will chose a small cake depending on his favorite color or taste.

* Cakes in various color combinations such as black and white, white and red, and many other such combinations of two colors are a popular trend. You can go in for combination of one favorite color of the bride and groom for the cake. Another option is to go in for the color that would match the theme selected for the party.

With so many choices to top your wedding cake, you'll surely find a wedding cake topper that will go perfectly with your cake. Think about your personal wedding style and determine which topper, floral, humorous, monogram or traditional, is best to crown your wedding cake.

- As with the saying, 'begin with the end in mind', the style, structure and icing materials of your cake should be considered if you know that the cake will have to be transported to the reception venue. Consider the length of the travel and the car you will use to transport it.

-Sporty cake toppers can depict a bride and groom aboard a sailboat, riding horseback, roaring away in his and her race cars, and, well you get the picture.

The wedding cake, as we know it today, was originally made of many little wheat cakes. These were broken over the head of the new bride. The tradition may have its roots as far back as the Roman Empire. The groom would eat part of a loaf of barley bread baked especially for the nuptials and break the rest over his bride's head. This tradition was meant to bestow fertility and good luck to the new bride for her married life. This is one wedding cake tradition, which is fortunately for the bride, not practiced any more.

Nearly every social event offers food in the celebration, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, are but a few of the events where food is an important part of the celebration. This article is about the wedding cake. A wedding is a way to celebrate the union of two people who are starting a life together. People come to eat and drink and a great deal of work is put into the preparation for this day. The wedding cake is often the focal point of the event. There are times that it is considered bad luck not to have a piece of the wedding cake.

You will find that caramel will add a rich flavor to the cake and as well as dark cherry and the ever delightful espresso. Try to use liquor to give that extra depth to the cake. Chocolate cake with Kaluha or even Godiva liquor and black forest cake with Kirsch are a good combination.

Caucasian bride and groom might be placed among the Cinderella wedding cake topper which is the most popular wedding cake top. This stunning small sculpture is vigilantly painted and delicately crafted of resin. In this Cinderella wedding cake topper, the bride has dark blonde hair while her dress and headpiece are white with a dash of sparkling white detailing.